Sweden’s biggest solar park can power 44 homes a day
The future of sustainable electricity is getting brighter and brighter.
7 Sep 2020

Just outside the Swedish city of Linköping, energy producer Alight Energy is slowly but steadily laying out Sweden’s biggest solar park piece by piece. The park will stretch as big as 22 football fields, and the giant solar panel puzzle consists of around 30,000 panels today. On a good sunny summer day, the park can provide 89,000 kWh of energy 18 (full-sized houses and 36 apartments). Yearly, the park is estimated to distribute power to 2300 homes.

The park, that is set to open in October, wants to influence companies and organizations to step up their sustainability approach. According to WARP institute Swedbank has already signed up to use the park’s energy and will receive 11.5 MW each year, around 30% of the bank’s electricity consumption.

— It is a big milestone to put Sweden’s biggest solar park into operation. The interest has been big and it shows that more people are interested in solar energy and how it can build a fossil-free society and economically profitable at the same time, says Harald Överholm, CEO of Alight.