S-beauty Special
Mantle: ”Our The Dream Mask is an overnight reset-button for all your skin sins”
”As an antidote to a time-consuming 12-step beauty routine filled with dos and don’ts, we wanted to create multi-functional products you can really count on,” says Stina Lönnkvist, co-founder of the CBD beauty brand.
21 Dec 2021

After the huge K-beauty trend and its 10-step-routines, there’s a growing global buzz for Scandinavian S-beauty and its innovative products with sustainability at its very core. In the latest issue of our printed magazine, we highlight 13 innovative beauty launches. This is #12.

In different ways, Lönnkvist and her co-founder Josefin Landgård got introduced to CBD at intense moments in their lives.

— It was just love at first drop, she states. At Mantle, we create products elevated by cannabis, consisting of a powerful blend of actives and botanicals. As an antidote to a time-consuming 12-step beauty routine filled with dos and don’ts, we wanted to create multi-functional products you can really count on.

The range includes an award-winning gel-textured mask.

— The Dream Mask is an overnight reset button for all your skin sins. It’s designed to enhance the skin’s recovery and regeneration process, boost collagen production, balance stressed skin, and restore plumpness, bounce, and radiant aliveness. It can be used every night or as a powerful night-time boost a couple of times per week. With a blend of organic cold-pressed CBD and powerful active and botanical ingredients like bakuchiol — the gentle vegan retinol — vitamin E, hyaluronic acids, niacinamide, and buckthorn extract, it’s no wonder this is our best-selling product.

This fall has seen several new product launches, including one highly popular, The Rich Cream

— It’s an ultra-protecting CBD moisturizer designed to strengthen skin and shield it against harsh elements, which makes it the perfect skin-saver for the colder months. We’ve also launched The High Five, a fast-absorbing CBD hand cream that provides next-level nourishment for dry hands. But the best-named product so far is The Ex — a triple-effect exfoliator to let go of everything that’s no longer serving you, such as old, dull skin cells, to improve skin texture over time, Lönnkvist tells. She adds:

— One of our first hero products was The Glow Serum, an oil-based powerhouse serum loved by many, and wanted to create a professional product with a different base texture and new unique qualities and ingredients. We can’t spill all the beans since it’s launching in January, but what I can say is that you will experience wow skin — both instantly and long-term. Apart from that, we’ll also present collaborations with other great Scandi-founded brands and creators and broaden our own CBD line.

The Dream Mask by Mantle in our latest issue
Set design: Niklas Hansen
Photography: Anders Kylberg

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