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Spinnova’s textile fibre might be the world’s most groundbreaking
”Our mechanical process was inspired by how spiders produce web out of their bodies,” shares Emmi Berlin, head of communications.
13 Sep 2021

Finnish Spinnova is the only company in the world that’s able to transform wood — paper grade pulp — into textile fibre without dissolving or using any harmful chemistry. 

— Our mechanical process was inspired by how spiders produce web out of their bodies, shares Emmi Berlin, head of communications. We extrude micro-fibrillated cellulose in the same way, creating a strong, yet flexible filament that is 100 % natural. Our process has no side or waste streams, it uses 99% less water than cotton, and its CO2 emissions are 65% less than cotton’s.

What’s more, the fibre is quickly biodegradable and fully circular. Usually, fibres lose quality as they are recycled, and that’s why we’re not seeing many products made of post-consumer recycled fibres.

— Our fibre has zero microplastics in it since it’s nearly 100 % wood. It can be used several times without losing quality — we’re investigating just how many and will be sharing more information on that later down the road. Our brand ambition is to be the GoreTex of sustainability; an ingredient that, even in blends, in big volumes will make a world of difference for the footprint of the product or brand in question. 

The clients include adidas, Marimekko, Bestseller, Bergans of Norway, ECCO, The North Face, and the H&M Group, though the fibre is not yet commercially produced. 

— Our new, commercial factory is under construction, so we’ll be able to share materials more widely in 2023. Our main focus and market entry is around apparel and footwear, but we’re also seeing a lot of potential in the interior design scene, says Berlin.

Hear more about the innovation in our podcast with Spinnova’s Lotta Kopra here.

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