Scandinavian Mind X Expo 2020
Inside the Space Week grand opening at Expo 2020 Dubai
Take a look inside the opening day of Space Week at the Swedish pavilion The Forest, hosted by Scandinavian MIND. The packed schedule included a keynote presentation by astronaut Christer Fuglesang, panel talks, and endlessly inspiring space insights.
18 Oct 2021
Mathias Sundin, co-owner and CEO of Warp Institute, and Christer Fuglesang, astronaut.
Christer Fuglesang.
Explorer and space engineer Tom Sjögren.
Konrad Olsson, Cecilia Hertz, Mathias Sundin, and Christer Fuglesang.
Explorer and space engineer Tina Sjögren.
Lisa and Christer Fuglesang, Tom Sjögren, and Konrad Olsson.
Mattias Hansson, marketing and programme director of Expo Sweden, behind the decks.