Scandinavian Mind X Expo 2020
Space panel with Christer Fuglesang, Mathias Sundin, & Cecilia Hertz
Season 2, episode 9.
20 Oct 2021

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At the start of this week, Scandinavian MIND presented the launch of Space Week at the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. On the opening day, we conducted a panel talk with Christer Fuglesang, astronaut, Cecilia Hertz, space designer and founder of Umbilical Design, and Mathias Sundin, founder of Warp Institute.

In this podcast, the panel talk about:

How human space flight drives technology development on earth. 

Learning to minimise waste and harvest resources from space engineering and technology. 

Using satellites for tracking poaching and coral reefs in real-time. 

How private initiatives and ideas will accelerate space technology even further, and make it more available to the public.

Better, cheaper, and faster space rockets to look out for.

How expensive will a space ticket be for private travellers?

The importance of the space sector’s bold initiatives and gung-ho mindset.

Space technology that we use every day, today.