Skincare brands open first physical retail space for microbiome-focused beauty products
A sign of the times at Dover Street Parfums Market in Paris.
10 May 2023

Initiated last year, Kind To Biome is a new seal of assurance that certifies beauty products and ingredients as gentle to the microbiome. Aiming to make all personal care products skin and scalp microbiome-gentle within the next 5 years, the partnering companies to date include Haeckels, The Nue Co, Tiny Associates, and Hair By Sam McKnigh. The former three, plus English Pelegrims, are featured in Kind To Biome’s first retail partnership in the form of an installation at beauty destination Dover Street Parfums Market. The first of its kind, it’s showcasing products that work with the billions of microorganisms on our skin, focusing on building insight and awareness around the subject.

— Scientific findings related to the skin and scalp microbiome make an undeniable case for the essential role it plays in maintaining skin health. While seeing consumer awareness increase, we are also experiencing a spike in demand of microbiome-first products from retailers, David Koo Hjalmarsson, Co-Founder and CEO of Kind To Biome, comments.

— The future of skincare is rooted in skin health, and Kind To Biome is at the forefront of supporting that movement with accountability and transparency, Flo Glendenning, VP of Product & Sustainability, The Nue Co, adds.

The installation is open throughout May.

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