SOUN: ”We want our customers to never have to worry about socks again”
Subscription and home delivery are the ways to go for this new industry disruptor.
15 Dec 2021

If you ask Simone Porseryd, the way we consume our most essential basics today is a shame.

— Socks are the worst, especially considering what socks we buy and that all those bad socks end up in the trash at the end of their life. We should all care about wearing better socks, for our feet and the environment, she states.

The entrepreneur has used her knowledge, both in materials and the fashion industry, when launching her own brand SOUN this fall.

— We value convenience and want our customers never to have to worry about socks again, and that’s why we focus on subscription and home delivery. It should be easy to make a better choice, says Porseryd. She continues:

— We try to source as sustainable material mixes as possible without decreasing the quality, even elevating it with premium materials. It’s a mix of organic and recycled, with a must-have bit of the badness that is for example polyamide, needed for elasticity. Our factories in Italy have a focus on sustainable production as well — for us it was a given to choose our production partners carefully. We keep in close contact and even if we are small, we have a direct impact on their future sourcing by keeping them up to date. What we asked for last year is a must for many other businesses now, so that has given us a spot as their guiding star in terms of sustainable sourcing and production. We hope that we can help them become even more progressive in terms of materials and making — win-win for all.

According to Porseryd, SOUN takes baby step measures in most things pushing the boundaries a bit further than others. 

— One example is the minimal and no plastic packaging and also our very complex long-term plan where we today take back all worn-out socks and work towards upcycling. In reality, nobody takes responsibility for their products — we want to change that, she concludes.