Shewy’s gum can replace your daily dose of coffee — and sunlight
Skip the coffee breath and munch on caffeine-infused gum instead.
30 Nov 2020

Swedish gum manufacturer Shewy is launching a subscription service for different kinds of boosted gum options. The Energy flavour, for example, tastes of mint and is infused with caffeine, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, B6, B9, B12, and iodine to keep you sharp and concentrated. The Sun flavour, on the other hand, comes in handy for all nordic hemisphere inhabitants that have a hard time catching daily sun hours. It is infused with zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin D3 and A that you naturally get from sun exposure.

— In my ambition to work with innovative products in the health sector I identified a great possibility with functional, vitamin-infused chewing gum. Chewing gum is proven to be an efficient delivery system of active ingredients and it is an already established consumer behaviour, says Ash Pournouri, Founder of Shewy.

Ash Pournouri is perhaps more known for his career as record manager, music producer and co-founder of Brilliant Minds together with Daniel Ek of Spotify. But now he’s entering the enormous market of functional food. In addition to Ash, actor and comedian Jonas Fagerström, as well as supermodel and entrepreneur Kelly Gale, are early investors in the healthy chewing gum company.

The Shewy yeam.

Scandinavian MIND met with the Shewy team to understand more what benefits the product brings.

Can you describe what Shewy is?

— With Shewy we want to challenge the dated chewing gum market whilst combating the world’s vitamin deficiency issue. Shewy is functional sugarfree gum enriched with vitamins, minerals and ingredients to boost your immune system, energy, performance and much more exciting in plan, says Caroline Meschke, co-founder and CEO of Shewey.

Ash Pournouri fills in:

— Chewing gum has been proven to improve concentration, mood, stress, and anxiety whilst being an excellent delivery system of vitamins, yet the level of innovation within the industry is extremely low. We have created innovative solutions and formulations targeting many occasions and needs. Shewy uses a unique direct, cold compression method when assembling and producing our functional gum. No heat or moisture is involved in the manufacturing process. This means all ingredients are preserved during the production process and none of our great ingredients lose their potency. It has been a two-year-long development process to ensure a high-quality product with the right manufacturer, taste, active ingredients and texture.  

So what are the benefits you get as a user?  

Shewy sun helps the sun-deprived Scandinavian.

— Consumers are now more aware than ever of what they put into their bodies and the impact of how ingredients make them feel and look. They want convenient access to health benefits and our gum seamlessly fits into their daily life. We provide just that, says Caroline Mescke.

The global market for functional food is huge. According to a study released in 2020 by Allied Analytics, in 2019 the market value was approx. 177BUSD and projected to reach approx. 268BUSD in 2027. Accelerated by digitalisation in general and changing purchasing behaviours due to Covid-19 pandemic, companies are increasingly exploring new business models in the convergence of lifestyle and technology.

Jesper Broström, who was first external investor in the company, elaborates:

— Shewy is a statement lifestyle brand worthy of our picky urban consumers. Our consumers make the majority of their purchases online and they already subscribe to razors, food and TV. Chewing gum however is bought in convenience stores, but how convenient is it really to cue at your local 7-eleven to buy your chewing gum. We offer Shewy conveniently online and on subscription so our customers never have to run out. With Shewy we want to give people a daily boost with a simple, new and available online subscription model but also a relevant and modern brand.