Pura Utz just dropped a new bag line made of apple leather and millions of tiny glass beads
In development for one and a half years, the Danish beaded jewellery brand has dropped 27 fruity bags.
28 Mar 2022

Apple leather is a bio-based material made of leftover apple waste — known for being durable, aesthetically pleasing and causing considerably less CO2 emissions — which is predicted as a potential game-changer in the fashion industry. After several months of research, Pura Utz learned that all this make it a great alternative to faux and real leather and the best choice for their first bag collection.

The 27 bags are divided between four models, using 3.500.000 tiny glass beads. The base of them is made by leather manufacturer Betangible in Spain and beaded by women from the Pura Utz team in Guatemala. According to the brand, its partner artisans are paid three times the market standard in order to honour. This is part of a commitment to helping them grow their self-worth while also providing for themselves and investing in their futures.