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PSB uses Audiodo’s technology to compensate for the fact that we all hear differently
According to Matt Simmonds, product manager, the key is that the Swedish startup’s approach is that it’s not based on user listening preferences, but on real, actual hearing.
7 Sep 2022

The founder and chief acoustic designer of Canadian sound company PSB, Paul Barton, made the connection between PSB and Audiodo several years ago. 

— There were many technologies starting to come to market that claimed a certain ability to offer listeners a customized experience and we were researching these technologies, Matt Simmonds, product manager for the headphones and mobile HiFi category, explains. Paul was excited by Audiodo’s approach — the fact that they come at the personalization conundrum from a hearing loss and audiology perspective, with a very scientific approach that also matches our own scientific approach to speaker design over the past 50 years. 

Personal Sound by Audiodo measures a listener’s unique hearing abilities and corrects for anomalies from hearing damage, physiological irregularities, and even psychoacoustic perceptions. The user goes through a quick hearing calibration and the technology can produce a precise model of an individual’s sense of hearing.

— It’s a technology which compensates for the fundamental fact that we all hear differently. No one hears like you, and you don’t hear exactly like anyone else. Each listener — in fact, each ear — has unique hearing, so Audiodo’s integrated technology works to give the best listening experience for you and it’s not based on user listening preferences, but on real, actual hearing, Simmonds explains, continuing,

— We feature the technology in our M4U 8 MKII headphones, which is very unique in the competitive landscape and adds incredible value to the product. Personal Sound, plus our own RoomFeel technology, really sets a performance benchmark at its pricepoint in the over-ear headphone market. Both of these technology-driven acoustic implementations are focused on audio performance, and value for money to the end-customer. We plan to continue to work alongside Audiodo as we develop and launch new headphone models.