Praised sculptor Rasmus Nossbring adds humour to renew the field of sculptural glass
”I like to combine figurative and abstract components to complement each other,” he says.
4 Jul 2022

The Stockholm-based trained glassblower and sculptor is the co-owner of Sthlm Glas Studio, half-an-hour drive outside of the city.

— With a background in industrial glass manufacturing, glass is my primary material. I make figurative sculptures, often inspired by mundane revelations. I like to combine figurative and abstract components to complement each other. Most of the work is made free-hand in our studio and is very focus-demanding on the whole team while assembled. 

Last year, Nossbring was named Young Swedish Artisan of the Year. In his sculptures, the jury stated, there are people trapped in drastic situations that can be both ordinary and surreal, also highlighting how he’s ”renewing the field of sculptural glass with a touch of humour”.

Has this changed anything for you?

— I have gotten a lot more attention and requests and I am excited to see what the future holds. For me, it is mainly a stamp of approval, that someone understand and respect what I am trying to do. The list of previous recipients is full of people that I look up to so I am proud of being selected among them.

Nossbring was selected by renowned whiskey brand The Glenrothes to create a whiskey glass for them and just released a project together with Hem and Arranging Things.

— I was also asked to curate the summer show for Reijmyre Art Lab which is in an environment close to my heart, where I trained to become a glass blower. That has taken up a lot of time and allowed me to work with some really great artists. In late August, I’m opening my exhibition in Stockholm which will be an extension of my newer body of work.