Post pandemic art-viewing trends and the difference between art and journalism (with Destinee Ross-Sutton and Michael Elmenbeck)
Season 1, episode 1.
8 Mar 2022

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In today’s episode, Michel Elmenbeck joins as co-host. He is the founder of CFHILL Art Space and Bon Magazine, a renowned art advisor, collector and trend expert.

Michael Elmenbeck in front of Matthew Chambers.

We discuss:

OVRs (online viewing rooms). What are the implications?

NFTs’ role in artist estates.

On the difference between art and journalism in reflecting the world around us.

This episode’s special guest is Destinee Ross-Sutton, international curator, artist advocate, art advisor, and gallerist.

Photography: Derrick Adams.

Independently, Destinee Ross-Sutton advises several private institutions and international collectors with an emphasis on responsible acquisitions of contemporary art. With a focus on African and African American art and a commitment to cohesive storytelling, Ms Ross-Sutton has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to unify diverse subjects and styles within her curatorial projects. She is also making a name for herself as being a curator that discovers new talents and starting artists’ international careers. As an artist manager, she acts as a steward, guiding artists’ careers to fruition and taking control of their markets.

This episode was recorded February 22, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.