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Polestar showcases futuristic vehicles in Balenciaga’s new video game
The electric car brand has collaborated with the luxury fashion house.
7 Dec 2020

Balenciaga’s new collection is featured in Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, a futuristic video game set in the year 2031. The team at Balenciaga approached Polestar to help create depth to the environment by giving their own flavor to the vehicles be on the streets of that near-term future. 

The result is that the gamified city will feature futuristic vehicles by Polestar, from artists including Konrad Cholewka, Arthur Martins, Charlie Nghiem, Rash Tagirov, Mattias Walz, and John McInnis, as well as Polestar’s own Precept.

— At Polestar, our aim is to be a leader in the shift to sustainable mobility, as we design towards zero. When Balenciaga reached out and explained the Afterworld project, inspired by the slow return to a healthier balance of nature and industry, we felt it was a perfect match for us, says Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar. 

”Our first video game is set in a near and hopeful future. To make the setting more realistic and exciting, we chose to work with other forward-thinking companies, populating the game with their newest designs. Polestar’s innovative electric vehicles, including the 3x Moto, the MMXL, the 0, the Precept, and the Pickup compliment our ideas on luxury and sustainability, and so made a great addition to the project,” comments Balenciaga.