Helsinki Design Week report: The Finns are walking the walk

Episode 7, season 6 of our weekly podcast show on how technology is transforming the creative industries.
September 15, 2023

We call in from Helsinki, where the 18th consecutive Helsinki Design Week takes place this week. From an action-packed couple of days, we discuss some of the collaborations, initiatives, and brands that caught our attention. Also, we will hear from four voices inside the Nordic design scene:

Ervin Latimer, founder and creative director of Latimmier on his latest collaboration with Mifuko.

Marianne Goebl, the managing director at design institution Artek, on the brand’s research project with Formafantasma.

Hilda Rantanen, CEO and co-founder of Materialisting, on the platform’s service to source traceable and environmentally friendly materials for brands, and the coming EU legislations.

Casper Vissers, CEO of Basta, on the brand’s innovative approach to designing, producing, and distributing locally by using local ateliers.

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