Petite instant camera Polaroid GO is the retro and playful choice for summer
The Go is an incredibly handy and fun way to ditch digital photography.
21 Apr 2021

Almost 80 years ago, Polaroid founder Edwin Land started to imagine a camera that could develop and print images just seconds after a photo was taken. The result was the Polaroid camera, a fun and playful way to take daily pictures. Today, people are still turning to this analogue technology for fun and prestigeless shooting — and a way to distance themselves from digital content creation.

Enter the brand new Polaroid Go, a modern take on a retro classic. It’s the smallest instant camera ever with dimensions of 10,5 cm long, 8,3 cm wide, and 6,1 cm tall. The Go is equipped with a selfie mirror, a long-lasting 750mAh battery, a self-timer, a flash and a built-in easy-to-use double exposure function.

The camera costs $99.99, and you receive two packages of The Color Go film if you pre-order the camera now (worth $19.99).