Paul Dillinger (Levi’s) on spearheading sustainability
Paul Dillinger is Vice President of Global Product Innovation at Levi's.
31 Mar 2021

Paul is known for spearheading the denim giants sustainability efforts. In this conversation, he talks about:

Their collaboration with Swedish textile innovators Renewcell.

Becoming head of global product innovation for Levi’s.

The challenge of sustainable design and persuade designers to invest their time into it.

Giving the customer the choice of great looking jeans without the ”sustainable aesthetic”.

On highlighting the potential rather than the dire consequences of fashion.

The fashion’s industry problem of brands hiding their environmental initiatives and breakthroughs. 

How changing consumption and ownership behaviour is the best way to start a sustainable industry.

Can technology enable a richer physical experience in clothing?

Why Levi’s hasn’t ventured into gaming yet.

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