Oscar Jacobson’s CEO on the brand’s new pre-loved destination and tailored denim line
Richard Woodbridge states the importance of giving the brand’s products a second life.
8 Dec 2021

Founded in 1903, Oscar Jacobson is one of Scandinavia’s most reputable men’s clothing companies, combining great fabrics with timeless elegance. A few weeks ago, the brand opened its third new physical store in only a few months — and certainly the most interesting.

— Sustain by Oscar Jacobson is a new concept where we aim to combine sustainability with a great in-store experience. To extend the product’s life cycle and make sure that each fashion item is worn more times is one of the most important sustainability initiatives in our industry. Our products, we believe, are very suitable for an extended lifecycle thanks to high qualities in fabrics as well as a look that last over time. The store offers samples and other new items that don’t belong in the regular assortment to make sure that they get used as well; rental of the garments you normally use just a few times, such as a tuxedo, and secondhand items handed in by our customers, tells Woodbridge. He adds:

— Our aim is to launch the concept online at the beginning of next year.

The other week, Oscar Jacobson also launched what’s being described as ”Scandinavia’s first tailored denim line, ever”.

— Our heritage is in tailoring and the perfect suit is all about craftsmanship. Now, we do the same thing with our denim, together with [fashion brand Whyred’s founder, now creative consulant] Roland Hjort’s denim expertise, who’s created fits inspired by our existing range of trousers. We use denim from Candiani in Italy and the jeans are woven on old, used looms from Levi’s. Perceiving sustainability as a moral responsibility has led Candiani to become what they describe as ”the greenest textile company in the blue world”, Woodbridge concludes.