GUIDE / Vejle & Syddanmark

”Picking your own oysters in Vadehavet and the closeness to everything is such a luxury”

On ouster safaris and New Nordic cuisine
October 22, 2021

Contemporary unisex accessories brand KASTI was birthed from Katarina’s need for slippers that was suited for the comfort of your home, but still dressed up enough to leave the house with.

— I thought the options out there was too dated. Kasti started with slippers for men and women but have now developed to an accessories brand containing slippers for him and her, for indoor and outdoor, and leather accessories. Kasti’s lead words and mindset are to work against the seasons and create products that can be sold and worn for a long period of time.

KASTI’s Agatha allround slipper and Fig Large bag.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Vejle and Region Syddanmark: 

The distance to everything you possibly need within a short distance. The ocean, an airport, Legoland, Germany, three hours to Copenhagen, one hour to Åhus, and several great wineries! Also, the luxury of going to Vadehavet and picking your own oysters and mussels is great.

My favourite city escape: 

Within close distance, this would have to be Aarhus,  Copenhagen or Stockholm. These cities in Scandinavia has so much to give.

My favourite hidden gem:

I have to say Vadehavet that’s close by, where you can pick your own oysters and mussels (between October and March). Bring your champagne and you are set!   

On a more global scale, I have lately discovered Portugal and Porto as a city. One of our factories are located just outside Porto and I haven’t really been exploring it much before until lately.  
Porto is such a fantastically beautiful city that I have underestimated before. Food, architecture, and beaches. Worth the trip! 

My favourite nature experience:

Walking along the long beaches of the west coast of Denmark. So many beautiful coastal cities to choose from. 

My favourite place to go with my children:

They are still quite small and we have been moving around so much so it’s constantly changing but for the moment we love going to the nearest ocean when we can. The closest typical Danish beach and ocean destination from us is a small town called Henne which reminds me of the beaches of Melbourne in Australia.  For a weekend combined with lunch, try one of the classical Kros like Henne Kirkeby Kro.   

West Coast scenery in Syddanmark. Photography: Niclas Jessen and Visit Denmark.

My favourite place to find inspiration as a creative:

To travel. To new and known cities and destinations.  I have missed it during my maternity leaves and the global situation. Secondary I must say the nature surrounding me. I find so much inspiration in the materials and colours all over. 

My favourite weekend routine: 

To go to the west coast of Jylland, to the open Atlantic ocean. Just west, up north or slightly south doesn’t matter just to get the breeze. Being with my family fixing in the garden and our house. 

My favourite cultural spot:

Still exploring but also need to be Restaurant Lyst for their Architecture. And Vejle Konstmuseum!  

My favourite place for dining out:

Previously named Restuarant Lyst is on the wish list! But speaking from experience, the sister restaurants Memu Bistro and Memu Gourmet are both great for celebrations and date nights.

The best Italian food with authentic Pizza is Langolo.

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting: 

For the moment in our farmhouse just outside Vejle. 

My favourite breakfast place: 

At home in the garden.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

— Super lovely ceramicist Ember ceramics by Emily Bergström. She does the most lovely cups and plates located in Jelling. Also the lovely family-owned local winery and restaurant Vester Vedsted Vingård in Ribe. Some amazing food and wine.  

My favourite hotel for a staycation: 

I am trying to explore the surroundings more and more but for the moment Vejlefjord or Kellers.

Hotel Vejlefjord.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

In the Nature around our farmhouse with all the animals surrounded on the neighbouring farms. 

My favourite place for fashion: 

Tendens in Vejle for me. The store has lovely things, clothes and brands that makes me almost feel like living in the city again, with a touch of slow country feeling. The thing that makes the space perfect is that it is so inspirational for the eye and mind and you find brands and looks you didn’t know about before. I mix of high-end international brands and lovely Danish ones too.

For my children and me, Kikidee. Fantastically beautiful and inspirational store in terms of clothes interior and toys. You simply just want to go in and stay for hours. 

My favourite thing at home: 

Our garden and land. Plus my collection of vases and lamps.