On-demand: the full Transformation Conference
Watch the full Transformation Conference back, originally held on August 25 during Nordic Fabric Fair.
20 Sep 2022

Last month, we hosted a half-day conference on fashion-tech during Nordic Fabric Fair in Stockholm. The purpose of the event was to gather innovation companies, creative talent, and investors within fashion to create new alliances. Sweden and Finland are similar in many ways, and our commonalities are shown in the current state of the fashion industry. Our shared values of equality and innovation have birthed some of the most forward-thinking materials companies, as well as fostered a slew of creative talent in global demand. In the midst of the most transformative period that fashion has ever seen, we explored how Finland and Sweden can deepen their impact on the industry — together.

How to transform the fashion industry (Olof Hoverfält, VP Transformation, Reaktor)

Fashion keeps facing increasing pressure to adapt to both digitisation and sustainability. But transformation is hard. Olof shares some actionable insights on transforming companies and turning profound external changes into a competitive advantage.

How sustainable innovation can revamp the fashion industry (Shahriare Mahmood, Chief Sustainability Officer at Spinnova)

Mahmood explains how Spinnova has used its technological innovation to help foster transformation in the fashion industry. How can the technology be applied, what are the sustainability advantages, and how Spinnova have built its own brand through partnerships and fashion collaborations.

Panel: what are investors looking for? (Nora Bavey, Erik Karlsson, Samira Aissi)

Three leading investors talk about what they are looking for in startups and new companies. What are the new criteria for success, both from a financial perspective, but also in terms of sustainability, diversity, and innovation.

Nora Bavey, Unconventional Ventures.
Erik Karlsson, H&M Co:Lab.
Samira Aissi, Investment manager, SEB Greentech VC.

Innovation sessions: rapid-fire presentations

Rapid fire introductions to leading Finnish innovation companies within fashion and textile.
Petri Alava, Infinited Fiber Company
Niklas von Weymarn, Metsä Spring
Janne Hakonen, Nordshield
Miska Palorinne, Rester
Krista Virtanen, Natural Indigo
Anna Garton, LSJH
Jonne Hellgren, Repack

The New Sustainable Consumer (Fredrik Ekström, Above the Clouds)

Fashion researcher Fredrik Ekström shares his insights on The New Sustainable Consumer. He talks about how brands can thrive in a time of transition, where the consumers’ hearts and anxieties are, and three consumer profiles you need to know. 

Fashion recycles only 1% — how do we change that? (Nora Eslander, Renewcell and Petri Alava, Infinited Fiber Company)

Recycling textiles should be as natural as recycling paper or plastic. Why isn’t it? We discuss the challenges of turning textile fibres into new materials and the technologies and regulations that are leading the way. 

Design to die – how clothes that deteriorate raises existential questions (Erik Lindvall, Streamateria)

Erik Lindvall, founder of Streamateria, gives a thought-provoking keynote about the meaning of quality. He will talk about clothes that are like good food, that cannot be owned, but rather experienced. Clothes that show us a renewable world based on transience instead of the all too prevalent notion that things should be produced to last.