Nocs teams up with innovative startup Audiodo for personalized sound in new earbud
The two Malmö companies have worked for almost 2 years to get the app and tuning into perfection.
22 Nov 2021

For decades, the audio electronics industry has created products with a generic standard for sound quality. Audiodo has challenged that perception, using an app to create a personalized sound experience for every user. Their latest partnering brand is Nocs for the launch of NS1100 Air.

— When developing our audio products, we do a lot of research and tuning and work closely with musicians. The insights are invaluable to us in order to create the right tuning — at the end of the day, we want the music to sound as intended by the creators. Now working with Audiodo, I’m really happy how their Personal Sound feature turned out for us, says founder Daniel Alm, continuing,

— I think we created a really nice little earbud where we tried to really focus on what matters the most — how it sounds. I think most headphones today are packed with too many features not performing well enough to be eligible to be there even. With NS1100 Air, it was important for us to deliver the essentials only.

NS1100 Air, as part of Audiodo’s app

What’s next for you?

— Our coming speaker, NS5. It’s the first time we make a speaker in Europe. It was about time to move away from offshore manufacturing in China and go more local. The drivers are from Denmark and the wooden cabinets will be made in Estonia or Denmark, Alm concludes.