Rising brand RJBYRAOE wants its clothing to boost your self-esteem

Check out an editorial on the Stockholm-based brand, that has stirred up hype on the Scandinavian fashion scene without having a website yet.
Photography DANIELA SPIROSKA Art direction EMMA KLING
July 11, 2022

What was the thought process behind the shoot?

— It was all about creating contrast and something that reflected the edge of the brand. Hard meets soft, the contrasts in the harsh light, glass, metal, liquid, and the texture of the sofa fabric. Our model Vanessa has previously been portrayed in a cute bubbly persona. We saw the potential to be tough and portray her as something else. Cool and edgy, which also goes hand in hand with what RJBYRAOE design stands for, says Emma Kling, art director of the editorial.

How did you want to interpret RJBYRAOE as a brand?

— Designer and founder Raoda Jalal’s philosophy behind RJBYRAOE is that the garments should be worn by you. You wear the garment, the garment does not wear you. Her design is a uniform that will boost you and your self-esteem. Maybe a character you always played, someone you are or are not at all, someone you have been for too long, Kling says.