Nordiska Galleriet prints the store’s 110-year-old checkerboard floor on Artek’s icon Stool 60

The just-launched limited edition comes with a special screenprint.
November 12, 2021

Designed in 1933, Stool 60 and its L-shaped legs has become a real icon — perhaps even Alvar Aalto’s most significant piece. Innovative back then, Scandinavian premium retailer Nordiska Galleriet now, literally, adds a layer of innovation of today in their own limited edition. Individually numbered, the Stool 60 is available in 100 pieces as well as 100 more in the children’s stool, NE60. Both of them feature a screen print of Nordiska Galleriet’s checkerboard floor, including its dirt and patina, in a design piece to keep, preserve, and wear and tear, that will last over time. As it always had.