Why digital artists can benefit from Discord communities

Norway-based 3D and CGI artist Mustafa Sherpidin’s virtual creativity was born from introversion, but he is finding virtual settings to network and engage.
August 15, 2023

The artisan: Mustafa Sherpidin is a 27-year-old 3D artist based in Norway, working as a freelancer and taking commissions from clients all over the world.

— I think being an introvert is the core reason why I started making stuff with computers. I make 3D art to express my feelings and kill time; I didn’t start making art by thinking ”I will be a great artist”. I think that’s the reason why I kept doing it for years without thinking about the result.

The platform: Mustafa is represented by the traditional Oslo-based Blank Gallery and has earned a significant following on his Instagram page (@mus1tie). But the modern 3D artist with a love for CGI and gaming aesthetics knows the importance of keeping an ear to the ground and staying up to date on trends.

— My original base is on Instagram, so I kinda stick to it. Ever since the NFT wave, I have been trying to grow on Twitter as well. I think being consistent and active is the key to building any sort of community. My tips would be to post stuff you make online, join CG Discords, share what you’ve made, and don’t be afraid to engage. Discord is the best media for a closed community.

”I think being consistent and active is the key to building any sort of community, with Discord being the best media for a closed community.”

How do you see NFTs evolving for artists and exhibitors?

—I think NFTs have a long way to go before they are widely adopted. I feel like 90% of people see NFTs as scams or just overly expensive jpegs. That’s how mainstream media use clickbait, and that’s how people see it after researching for 10 minutes. NFT enables artists to create art that’s verifiable, and to showcase their art and put them on sale without having an exhibition — suddenly, client work isn’t the only way you can live off your art. I see a lot of great artists coming out of the shadows and having their art appreciated by the public and collectors, Mustafa says, concluding:

— Galleries have so many new ways to showcase art. I would like to see how galleries come up with ideas to merge classy art and new tech. This is a new and fresh idea which is under development, for a lot of amazingly talented people and for people working for web3. I can see NFTs being used in daily regular life in the future, for everyone.

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