Free desktop app Munken Creator helps creators to playfully experiment with typography

Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper presents the free typography tool to ”inspire people to think beyond the boundaries of how we communicate.”
October 17, 2022

Chances are that you’ve felt or touched Arctic Paper’s Munken design paper if you’re a sophisticated magazine reader in Europe. On top of premium magazines, the Swedish paper manufacturer’s premium uncoated fine paper has been used for design projects like corporate identity applications and book printing too.

In 2020, Arctic Paper launched the elegant and modern sans serif typeface Munken Sans for free to broaden the company’s creative universe. Now, Arctic Paper is taking it one step further with the Munken Creator web tool, giving creators and creatives unimagined possibilities to develop and experiment with the Munken Sans font to create both stills and moving visuals. The creations from the web tool can be saved in video formats WebM and MP4.

With its October 15 launch, Arctic Paper will also publish a large-format magazine filled to the brim with artworks and designs made in the web tool. For the less analogue creators, exported images and videos can also be inserted into the augmented reality app Artiviv to create immersive and digital art pieces.