Design students enter the commercial market with new and innovative line of objects

Through a special partnership, the students went from an idea to creating their own brand — and its first product — in just seven weeks.
May 09, 2022

During the second year of the Design Program, students at Beckmans School of Design are commissioned to create a brand and produce a limited edition product manufactured by a local subcontractor. This gives students an understanding of materials and production methods — and to communicate with different professions and partners. The partnership with retailer Designtorget then sees the following six limited-edition products being available in stores and online until May 29:


Gira, by Annelie Wihlborg and Carl Folkesson

“We’ve made a wall hook that we call Gira. Our ambition was to make a small product with a big personality, both through colour and shape. We believe that it fits in all rooms at home in which you want a personal touch and a wall hook. In this course, we have had to face reality in a new way, unprotected by the college walls. It’s been challenging but also great fun. The product Gira is sand-cast from recycled aluminium in Stockholm and powder coated by Leba in Hillerstorp.”

Rutan, by Sofie Krüll and Elinor Parra

”Rutan 3 x 4 is a quilted bed shelf in durable bouclé fabric, created for homes where traditional bedside tables do not fit. Inspired by fashion and interior design, it’s a soft and spacious shelf that can be used by the bed as well as in other rooms in the home. By using the zippers on the sides, the shelf can go from voluminous to flat, making it a washable and flat packed product. It’s sewn by hand in the south of Sweden by our manufacturer Fabrikörerna, who works with integrating people that are new to Sweden into the job market by teaching them Swedish while sewing products. The shelf is easy to produce thanks to its square design, which makes calculating the fabric consumption easy, and the zipper makes it possible to sew it all flat.”

Pom, by Imad Benkabbou, Cecilia Mosesson and Max Lundén

”Pom is an innovative bookstand that comes in a flat envelope, made of laser-cut brass. Laser-cutting is a very quick and energy-saving production technique that allows products to be sold in flatpacks, saving both packaging and shipping costs, as well as shelf space in warehouses and stores. The stand invites the user to interact and alter its appearance by bending it into shape and pressing out the cut-out parts, revealing a three-dimensional leaf pattern and two apples in the background. The customer can bend the leaves at different angles to customize the pattern, making each bookstand unique. The reflections of light make the pattern shimmer and bring it to life. They were produced by a company specializing in metal called Prodopti, south of Stockholm, and the packaging was made by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik, based in central Stockholm.”

Zen, by Jenny Svensén and Johanna Ringqvist

”We have designed a combined vase and candleholder. We wanted to create a product that could add peace and inner presence to everyday life by using simple means. In the winter months, it is natural for many people to light candles. Therefore, on one side, we have created a candle holder, with space for both tealights and chandeliers. When summer arrives, you turn the product upside down and it functions as a vase, perfect for spring and summer flowers. In this way, the user may follow the change of seasons and by that we want him or her to make a connection to living in the present. Just as the title of the product suggests, we have been inspired by Zen in our design and it’s both symmetrical and asymmetrical depending on which angle you view it from. It is handmade of sand-cast aluminium, making each copy a little different and thus unique and can also function as a sculptural object that works on its own. We wanted the product to be a solid piece and take up space, but at the same time be slender with an elegant expression. 

Lilo, by Olivia Ståhl and Fanny Johansson

”With the Lilo mirror, we wanted to find an interplay between art and design and create a playful product that adds something more to the practical function. Through the shape, we want to offer the user the freedom to give life to the mirror and style it in different ways; to hang it on the wall, place it on a dresser or use it as a tray for candles. The glass is made of waste material and the backside of the mirror is made in black Forescolor. The mirror and the backside are water cut at Progatec AB in Norrköping and we have assembled the parts ourselves.”

Bob, by Elin Åkerfeldt and Emilia Lamberg

”Clip made of stainless steel, a both hygienic and durable material, that can be stored in a refrigerator and freezer as well as a dishwasher as a more durable alternative to plastic clips. The classic yet modern design means that the clip could just as easily be found in grandma’s kitchen drawer as in your own. It adds that little extra to your opened packages — and is the perfect gift for someone who already owns everything.”