ChargeNode and ateljé Lyktan present smart car charger for Nordic climate

Developed to create a welcoming and safe parking environment.
September 25, 2023

Founded in 2016, ChargeNode’s first electric car charging prototype was installed three years later. Today, the company is a leading player in large-scale electric car charging in Sweden, providing a charging system with hardware and software for installers, plant owners, and users. In a brand-new partnership, the company has joined forces with ateljé Lyktan, the iconic brand that has designed and manufactured lighting solutions for almost 90 years.

Together, they’ve created a new charging solution in the shape of a bollard, with lighting, that is developed and manufactured in Sweden. It comes with a powder-coated casing made of recycled aluminum that withstands the nature’s elements at a lower carbon footprint.

— It’s about creating sustainable light with visual comfort, Malin Gadd at atelier Lyktan explains. – We have added a beautiful grid that breaks the light and provides a decorative led light. With a 360-degree light spread and high colour rendering (CRI90), it provides excellent light for parking lots. Since the lighting is also dimmable, it can be adapted to different light conditions.

Each bollard has two or four charging sockets and the charging, debiting, and support are handled by ChargeNode. The longer lifespan and new charging technology that requires lower power output can help to cut the total cost substantially.

— Developing complex solutions for electric car charging is essential for a sustainable future but also here and now for availability, service, and not least safety, says Kristian Sandahl, CEO, ChargeNode.

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