Ana Kraš uses piping to create a graphic effect in Frame Curtain Collection for &Drape

A small detail completely changes the character of the curtain, the Paris-based artist and furniture designer explains.
January 23, 2023

With a background in design and roots in an old curtain family that has made curtains since 1960, Julie Vendal and Nadia Al Zagir Balling founded &Drape in Copenhagen in 2018, offering custom-made curtains for private and professional spaces. 

When working with Kraš for a special made-to-order collection, called Frame and set to launch online at the end of the month, the idea was to create a series of panel curtains with piping in contrasting colours. The piping, which has been used since forever in textile works, changes the character and nature of the curtain and the ambition has been to create a graphic and eccentric, yet streamlined and classic look and feel.

— This design collaboration collection is an example of how we use different carefully curated textiles, surfaces and colours to create different moods, atmospheres and spatial experiences with made-to-measure curtains, says &Drape co-founder and creative director Nadia Al Zagir Balling.

The piping of the curtain is described as to ”frame” it, hence the collection’s name. 

— I love curtains. I love textiles in spaces. They soften the architecture and add texture and dimension to it. They diffuse and break the light. I especially love curtains as room dividers, even more than window shields, Ana Kraš says, continuing,

— The piping adds that graphic feeling that makes the curtain ’harder’. It’s a very small detail, but it completely changes the character of the curtain, which becomes either more modern, or more old-fashioned — depending on the context of the interior it’s being placed in. But, it definitely makes a graphic effect, while the curtains still remain overall neutral.