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This new hybrid steamer clearly sets a new industry standard
After almost three years of product development, clothing care company Steamery’s biggest launch ever is definitely worth the wait.
8 Oct 2021

Frej Lewenhaupt has a background as a textile engineer and has always been interested in textile care and clothing materials. 

— I was working in Shanghai with textile production within the fashion industry. When I lived there, I met my two co-founders, and the idea about Steamery came to life there in 2014. When working with different parts of the fashion industry, we all realized that most people don’t really know how to take care of their clothes. So, we started this company together and focused on becoming a natural part of the fashion and design world.

He describes Steamery as a modern clothing care company.

— If there is anything that we would like people to remember, it is to wash less and to care for what you already own, to love and cherish your wardrobe. We started out with steamers and today, we’re offering a full eco-system of clothing care products designed to make your clothes last longer. The product range includes everything from laundry detergents to clothing brushes, fabric shavers, smart hangers, and steamers. Our mission is to modernize this centuries-old tradition of textile care and make it more fun and accessible. We’re creating innovative products that are designed for a modern citizen and aim to be the leader within the field and making clothing care a pleasure daily routine for everyone.

The brand just launched Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer — after almost three years of product development. When testing it, it makes perfect sense — it’s super-impressive.

— It’s our latest and biggest launch ever! It’s a hybrid between a steamer and an iron, making it possible to steam your clothes any way you prefer. It will make your clothes wrinkle-free, smooth, and appealing in no time. The hot steam also reduces bad smells and kills bacteria, making it a great alternative to doing laundry. It’s equipped with an ironing plate that heats up to the same level as level 1 on an iron. This plate improves the steam quality, helps dry the fabric, and can give your clothes either a pressed or a smooth look. It also has a brand-new design language that fits right into a modern home.

What else do you have coming?

— We are launching more products this fall, with a focus on repair and aftercare, and we might have a new fabric shaver coming up soon, Lewenhaupt concludes.

Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer