New design week gathers the most progressive design brands in Sweden
”We all long for analogue experiences and we know that we certainly don’t long for going back to crowded fairs with bad air and lousy food,” says Ulrika and Philippe Attar, the duo behind Stockholm Creative Edition.
10 Jun 2021

The duo has a background in design, communication, and concept development. Now running multidisciplinary concept and design studio Atmosfär by Attar, they’ve worked extensively with destination development and hospitality design during the last years. 

— So developing a format for a design event is actually very close to how we usually work and think.

They describe Stockholm Creative Edition as a collaborative effort with some of the most progressive design brands in Sweden.

— We think we can all gain by working together towards developing the Swedish design industry to become better at offering unique experiences. It’s actually the first time that there is an event that focuses solely on showing Swedish design in Stockholm that we know of and we think it’s about time. Swedish design is such a strong concept! We also want to promote Stockholm as one of the design capitals of the world and we look forward to seeing Stockholm open up its design venues and welcoming visitors in September.

Ulrika and Philippe shares how the brand lineup — including the likes of Bolon, Lammhults, Fogia, Atelier Sandemar, Tarkett, and Massproductions — is a wide range of brands and designers, from very small to very large companies.

— We think that mix makes it so much more interesting. Many of them work with local production and local materials with a sort of slow design approach. The exhibitions will be compelling and curated and offer everything from craft to furniture and lighting design. We also welcome collaborations between other creative fields including craft and food.

More and more events are going digital or in a hybrid format. From your perspective, how’s the future of physical fairs and events?

— We all long for analogue experiences and we think that the possibility of gathering the design community in September will be so much fun. We know that we certainly don’t long for going back to crowded fairs with bad air and lousy food. Maybe our standards have been raised during the pandemic. Travelling the way we did before will not happen so we will all choose carefully which events and business trips that will be necessary and fulfilling enough, the duo says, adding,

— We haven’t decided how digital we will be, but this is above all an experiential physical event where you will be able to experience products, materials, food, and meet a lot of people.

Several of the program highlights is to be held in newly renovated premises in a regenerated area of downtown Stockholm, now known as Sergelstan. To make the event accessible to a broader audience, the exhibitions will be open for the entire period (following the guidelines of the public authorities).

— We want to invite people to a new kind of meeting place where they can share knowledge, inspire and be inspired, and take pride in the Swedish design industry. Architects, designers, students, buyers, and design enthusiasts — we’re creating the kind of event that we like to visit ourselves, Ulrika and Philippe Attar concludes.

Participating companies are: Abstracta, Articles, Asplund, Astrid, Atelier Sandemar, Beckmans College of Design, Bolon, Dry Studios, Fogia, Galleri Glas, Gemla, Klong, Lammhults, Massproductions, New Day, Ogeborg, Per Söderberg/No Early Birds, Pholc, Reform Lab, Sweden Green House, Tarkett, Vandra Rugs, and Örsjö. The list of brands involved will be updated continuously online.

Stockholm Creative Edition takes place September 23—29 and will be an annual event.