Minecraft and Crocs’s phygital shoe collection allows you to dress down both online and IRL
Crocs teams up with gaming giant Minecraft in new collection, further highlighting the shoe brand’s noteworthy return to popularity.
15 Feb 2023

The shoe brand Crocs is not exactly known for being a stylish brand, and they know it. Instead of denying the facts the shoe brand uses sarcasm and comedy to merchandise its collections on TikTok, and beyond. If you ever thought the shoe was impossible to style, you might want to reconsider. Crocs has teamed up with some big TikTok fashion creators like Wisdom Kaye, Bella Porch and Bretman Rock. These influencers have inspired consumers to the idea that Crocs actually is a legit fashion option and not too shabby after all. In a further attempt to make Crocs the go-to choice of shoe, the brand has turned to collaborations, and gaming collaborations and they’re not the first brand to do so. 

Amongst many fashion brands Balenciaga, Burberry and H&M have collaborated with games such as Roblox, The Sims and Animal Crossing. Crocs has teamed up with one of the best-selling games in history, Minecraft. The two companies are making it possible for you to not only sport a distinctive pair of green rubber slippers in real life but also to match with your own Minecraft character. Keeping both your physical and digital self in style, or maybe out of… depending on your feelings for the green kicks. 

The loving relationship between gaming and fashion has over the last couple of years grown immensely strong. Video game outfits or “skins” have become a multi-billion-dollar business.

 Roblox published a report a few months ago, after surveying 1000 Gen Zers. In the report it is stated that nearly 3 of 4 expressed an interest in spending money on digital fashion, users see their digital selves as a part of who they are in real life. Almost half of the survey participants said that by dressing their avatars they can feel good about themselves, meaning that what they dress like in the digital world enhances their physical well-being. So maybe the questionable fashion choice of Minecraft Crocs can have a greater impact than what we initially might think. 

Available for sale will be the classic clogs, slides, elevated clogs and the typical Crocs jibbitz charms, of course, Minecraft themed. The collection launches Thursday, February 16.