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”Companies in a modern society need to consider their whole value chain of infrastructure”
On how technology can create a safer society
9 May 2022

Karlsson founded MW Group at the age of 25 after finishing his Business and Commercial Law degree.

— We’re a modern Nordic company group providing service solutions for the region’s critical infrastructure and defence. An organization that brings a new and more agile perspective on how to build a modern total defence and societal security. Our services are targeting different segments of the total defence and critical infrastructure, currently through field service, geospatial services, logistical solutions, and cyber security, he says.

When you meet Scandinavian companies, what’s your impression of their infrastructure?

— It’s good in general, but it could be more both considered and secured. Meaning that companies in a modern society need to consider their whole value chain of infrastructure and interdependencies. Both nationally, regionally, and globally. 

Has the infrastructure improved over the last few years, given a pandemic, a war in Europe, and cyber threats?

— The technical development in the Nordics is amazing and is creating many new opportunities, not least with the shift to more and more stainable solutions. But, all new technology and the connectivity we have today also provide a space for new threats to the society, with the equally fast development, and we need to consider and develop solutions for those threats — solutions that we can provide and what we focus our abilities towards, Karlsson explains.

What’s your best advice for anyone aiming to improve their infrastructure?

— Three things:

1. Make sure to map your whole value chain and your dependencies.

2. Make sure security is integrated and a natural part of your regular operation.

3. Continue to develop technology and solutions with the best of intention at heart. But also make sure to consider the security weaknesses as an important part of your innovation process.  

— And, also, ask for advice if this is not your field — as with everything when running a business.

Mikael Karlsson.

How do you work with new technologies?

— We utilize cutting edge technology to the highest possible degree in all our operations. Being a Nordic provider for critical infrastructure and defence, we both need to understand the tech environment and utilize it in our own operations. One example is our geospatial services where we utilize unmanned capabilities (UAV/drones) with highly advanced sensors and add our own layer of data processing and analysis to provide our customers with the best possible data about their assets, says Karlsson. He adds:

— Next out, we are expanding our cyber offering within secure connectivity, increasing and digitalizing our customer supply chains, and expanding our data analyzing competence in more verticals for geospatial intelligence. We’re an innovative, fast-moving entrepreneurial driven business — operating in a tech environment we need to always be agile and adapt to new tech and current events on a local level as well as global geopolitical movements in a secure way.