Mater shows futural materials of waste streams from industrial production on 3daysofdesign
Presenting a 300m2 circular waste installation and innovative design pieces created with pioneering technology made in collaboration with other companies — and their waste streams.
14 Jun 2022

The Danish design company has developed a new groundbreaking technology for mixing different waste streams into a unique composite suitable for press-moulding many kinds of furniture. The technique allows efficient upcycling of industrial waste and reduces carbon emissions for the companies supplying the waste. The new patented material, called Mater Circular Material, is a mix of upcycled fibre-based material of waste and recycled plastic.

This week’s 3daysofdesign exhibition aims to unveil new possibilities and what tomorrow’s furniture production can look like. It features names like Børge Mogensen and Space Copenhagen as well as GROHE and Carlsberg with the latter showcasing how their waste is transformed into furniture for their offices.

New stackable chair designed by Space Copenhagen, made of Mater Circular Material.
Børge Mogensen Conscious Chair, made of FSC wood and Mater Circular Material.

From 2003 to 2018, Tony Chambers served as creative director and editor-in-chief of Wallpaper magazine, to which he still contributes. He’s now joined Mater as the external design curator, curating the collection with young and established talent.

— Mater is truly at the forefront of blending state-of-the-art technology with craftsmanship to produce long-lasting products of the highest aesthetic standards, he says.

— We must make sure that our circular designs are long-lasting, Mater’s CEO Ketil Årdal adds — otherwise, the whole idea of ​​designing and producing them vanishes. Time is a crucial factor when we talk about sustainability, and therefore we must constantly make sure that our designs stay relevant in time. With our creative partnership with Tony, we can sharpen our design DNA. We are a Danish furniture brand resting on Danish values, but we also need a global perspective and Tony’s many years of experience and network within the industry will help us do just that.