Maria Nilsdotter distills the essence of desire in special jewellery drop
”Fever is a story about seduction and to be seduced,” the praised designer tells.
14 Feb 2022

As one of the flourishing Scandinavian jewellery scene’s brightest stars, Nilsdotter has run her eponymous brand for 15 years, inspired by a mysterious, dark, yet sparkling fantasy world. For Valentine’s Day, she launches Fever, a collection centered around a heart in flames. Each piece is dripping with emotion on the edge of delirium and distills the essence of desire, drawing inspiration from its wild and hallucinogenic nature.

An eye-catching visual campaign presents lab-grown diamonds, drop-style bleeding hearts, and freshwater pearls from the new drop.

— With this collection, I want to capture the feeling of ultra-romance, late nights, and feverish endorphins. Fever is a story about seduction and to be seduced, exposing oneself to the desire that burns in the chest, and a kind of manic passion that makes you lose common sense. I’m inspired by the mystery that can be found in every human being. It is heavenly, but can also have a dark and temperamental side, and for me, there is some sort of magic behind it, Nilsdotter tells.