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Mads Nørgaard partners with Phanta to launch line of physical classics and digital accessories
Named Jumbo Originals, the collab includes both exaggerated takes on Mads Nørgaard classics combined and virtual pieces.
5 Aug 2022

Established in 2020 by designer Louise van Hauen, art director Stinne Marie Wilhelmsen, and manager Hannah Løffler Schmidt, Phanta is a community, a creative agency, and a fashion brand. Next week, during Copenhagen Fashion Week, the company presents a new partnership with Mads Nørgaard.

— We are truly excited about Phanta’s universe and mindset which inspires our creative work and helps us to reach new audiences. With more than 40 years in fashion, we are always searching for new talents to elevate and renew our industry. On this journey we fell deeply in love with Phanta and their curious and intuitive approach, challenging our take on fashion, Nørgaard comments.

For Jumbo Originals, a gender-neutral mini collection, Phanta has selected a range of Mads Nørgaard classics such as the sailor knit, a quilted jacket, and a basic t-shirt and played around with oversized, skewed proportions and new colours. The collab is launched with a short film in which new digital items are introduced as part of the collection.

— We think of ourselves as a collab brand, so it’s a dream come true to team up with a legendary fashion house like Mads Nørgaard. It’s fantastic to work with a brand with such a strong DNA while having the freedom to redesign it in our own way. They have shown us tremendous trust, says Louise van Hauen.