Lotta Kopra (Spinnova) on innovating textiles
Lotta Kopra is Chief Commercial Officer at Spinnova, a Finnish innovation company that creates sustainable textile fibre out of wood and waste, using zero hazardous chemicals and 99% less water than cotton.
9 Jun 2021

When Lotta joined Spinnova in 2019, the company had a tech innovation but no commercial product. Now Spinnova is working with brands such as H&M Group, Bestseller, Marimekko, and most recently, Adidas. 

In this conversation, Lotta talks about:

How imitating spiders spinning their webs was the birth of Spinnova.

How the consumer sentiment is leaning towards sustainability, but the purchase pattern still shows that people buy fast fashion.

How younger generations are ready to pay more for sustainable fashion.

How the industry needs to take responsibility of a problem it’s created.

How the Spinnova material differs from cotton in price, quality, and sustainability.

Their goal of producing 1 million tonnes of textile fibre this decade, meaning 4% of the global cotton production.

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