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Lokal gathers nine emerging artists on the essence of ”thawing” in Helsinki and online
Presenting exquisite works by nine artists.
4 Mar 2022

The Helsinki gallery and retailer presents its first exhibition of the spring, Thaw. The word can mean a bunch of things; to go from a frozen to a liquid state, to become free of the effect of cold as a result of exposure to warmth, to be warm enough to melt ice and snow, to abandon aloofness, reserve, or hostility, or to become mobile, active, or susceptible to change. It’s also a form of renewal and growth for something new. 

Thaw at Lokal Helsinki.

Each of the artists has interpreted the theme in their own respective mediums. Visual artist Lina Jelanski’s newest photography work explores thawing in relation to the phases of the moon. Textile artist and clothing designer Sini Villi uses silk to create three-dimensional textile wall sculptures by hand. Their visual language draws its inspiration from her childhood in northern Finland, by the vast natural landscape. Every autumn large fields were ploughed, forming softly rhythmic grooves that created a visually interesting and soothing surface. Visual artist Anna Niskanen creates compelling works of subtlety. Similarly, Virpi Vihervuori, a visual artist who also works with graphic design, implements her understanding of composition in expressive, abstract paintings.

Sini Villi.

Thaw is open at Lokal Gallery, Annankatu 9, in Helsinki and on until April 2.