This art exhibition showcases 11 different perspectives of being a woman
First-class boutique hotel Miss Clara highlights female artists and their works in central Stockholm and online.
17 May 2021

This edition of The art of being a woman is the second one and out of more than 100 applied artists, 11 were selected. While they’re all working with different art forms, the shared theme is about expressing their point of view of being a woman in today’s society.

Miss Clara is located in a building that used to be a girls’ school and the hotel name is taken from Clara Strömberg, a former directress who was both vivid and trailblazing. 

The art of being a woman is a tribute to Clara and all the other women who have dared to go against the flow throughout history. Through the exhibition, we want to create an open space where women can tell their own story through art, says Matilda Sjöberg, the hotel’s PR & marketing manager.

All art pieces are on sale and the revenue will be donated to women’s organization Kvinna till Kvinna, working with women’s rights organizations in war and conflict areas. 50% will be donated by the artist and, in order to let the creator keep the remaining 50%, the rest will be donated by Miss Clara.

The art of being a woman. Works by Sara Ocklind, Elsa Gregersdotter, and Maria Murphy

The exhibition is available at Sveavägen 48 in Stockholm and here until May 22