Guide / Hemavan
”It’s a smorgasbord of nice views in any direction, winter or summer!”
On living in a ubiquitous city escape
26 Feb 2021

After 14 years in Stockholm and the fashion industry, working for Acne Studios, Byredo, Aesop Skin Care and his own shirt brand Another Shirt Please, Oskar Ödling decided to move up north with Roxy the dog to his feelgood place and cabin in Tärnaby, located in the south of Lapland. What was meant to be a one year retreat, turned out to be four years, and still counting. 

Today Oskar runs a small cafe up on the mountain near his grandmother’s childhood village, and in his free time, he creates and builds stuff in his workshop. 

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Hemavan: 

Easy question — nature! Up here we are surrounded by mountains, rivers and untouched forests. It’s a smorgasbord of nice views in any direction you look, winter or summer.

My favourite weekend routine: 

I love my fireplace! So definitely a morning fire in the stove, some fresh filter coffee and some bad morning tv with my dog and cat. During the summer I try to fly fish as much as I can when I’m off work, and on a winter weekend, I would probably just have a Campari in the sauna.

My favourite cultural spot:

The Alpine Botanical Garden in Hemavan, one of the world’s most northerly. 

My favourite place for dining out:

The best dinners are served by my friend Niek Meuls at his place. In Tärnaby/Hemavan though, I would say the architect-designed restaurant Björk, serving local food and beverages from the area. Set right on the slopes, the wall-to-wall windows of the cleverly designed Björk a-frame gives an impressive panorama view of the mountains. 

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

I would have to say the terrace at my mountain cafe Folke’s! Some homemade fika or a local beer and the meeting will be a success!

My favourite breakfast place:

Breakfast in bed or by the fireplace.

My favourite city escape:

I live in nature, so nowadays I’m the one escaping to the city and to the crowds! In Sweden, I probably escape to Stockholm where I still have most of my friends. Likely you would find me with them at our favourite table at Riche.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

I need to say Per Enoksson aka Hikki who’s a local designer here in Tärnaby/Hemavan. He designed two outdoor bathtubs that I need!

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

Lovund Hotell on an island on the north coast of Norway, just a couple of hours from Hemavan. Stunning view and lovely food.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

I hate running, so my favourite walk with my dog would be to the mountain Sarviestjåhke by the lake Nolphen. It takes around 90 min to get to the top from the road and the view is spectacular! 1148 MSL and on a clear day you’re able to see all the way to Norway. Worth it every time!

Hemavan scenery.

My favourite place for fashion:

Tokyo, Japan. Great people, quality, food, architecture and so on. I just love everything about Tokyo.

My favourite space for great design: 

The garage/workshop that my father and I built. I’m all into furniture design and concrete steel at the moment. So that’s the place to be for me.

Folke’s café.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Hemavan: 

The electric car-gas-pump by the food store?

My favourite local media:

My friends Jonas Berglund and Bea Holmberg’s Instagram accounts. Very talented photographers and outdoor people.

My favourite thing at home: 

Though question. Either it’s my old Ebel wrist-watch or my mobile sauna.