Inside the car dealership of tomorrow
We took a visit to Antwerp, Belgium, for Lynk & Co’s opening of their third ever club. The Volvo sister brand has a vastly different way of approaching traditional car dealerships, and the car industry as a whole.
7 Oct 2021

The Antwerp club is one of four current clubs in Europe, along with Gothenburg, Amsterdam, and Berlin. In contrast to regular car dealerships, the Lynk & Co spaces are located in the middle of each respective city, with only one car on show.

— The general idea is to push beyond traditional automotive retail by offering something entirely different. Yes, there’s a car tucked away in there, but that’s not really the point with our Clubs. Of course, people who come there are invited to test-drive our cars, but they can also use it for work, meetings, dates, shopping, or just for hanging out, CEO Alain Visser says.

Watch the full Antwerp visit below.