Industry disruptor Singular Society unveils ski line with attention to every single detail
The membership-based brand hits the slopes.
30 Mar 2022

By signing up for an annual membership — from €7,9 per month — the customer gets full access to Singular Society’s entire assortment, at the price of what it costs to make, at highly respected manufacturers.

— We aim to enable a larger group of people to access responsibly and carefully crafted long-lasting products that make a difference in design and quality, at prices that make a difference. As we know our members and how many they are, we only make the amount of products that are needed in order to minimize over-production. And for us, from a company perspective, the model creates a stable foundation for a long term business with close relationships with our members over time, and a predictable low-risk recurring revenue, founders Erik Zetterberg and Daniel Herrmann explain.

The range of wardrobe staples, bedding, personal care, home decor, kitchenware, and pantry items like coffee and tea, has just been followed by skiwear, which includes a complete layering system and ski accessories collection.

— First, a 3-layer shell jacket and pants to keep you warm and dry, made by the master craftsmen at Petratex in Portugal, that come packed with features. They are made with the Japanese hydrophilic membrane Dermizax NX, the ultimate choice for waterproof protection and breathability. With moisture permeability up to 30 000 m2/24h, it’s built for action sports in extreme conditions. The non-porous membrane is made from hydrophilic molecules with a strong affinity to effectively transport moisture to the outside. Basically, the more you sweat, the better it works. Unlike PTFE membranes, which produce harmful by-products in the manufacturing process, Dermizax NX is non-toxic and 100% recyclable, Herrmann and Zetterberg share, continuing,

— Second, the insulation layer, that helps trap the heat from your body, is a Goose Down Liner with 800+ fill power, and an integrated left pocket stuff bag. It is filled with 95% RDS certified goose down, the warmest, lightest and most insulating material there is. We also present a multi-purpose Italian micro-fleece jacket with woven panels on the shoulders and elbows, for increased movability. 

— Third, the first layer. A round neck, half zip, and tights made from soft, non-itching 195g 17.5 microns pure merino wool. It retains heat without getting moist. Then, the accessories include a pair of goggles that comes with easy-to-switch magnetic fixtures and 3 Carl Zeiss lenses — one dual high contrast, one dual bright light, and a third clear photochromic lens that adapts to different lighting conditions. They are anti-fog and anti-scratch treated. There’s also a pair of waterproof mittens, made in goatskin with merino wool lining, Primaloft gold padding and wrist guard safety straps. 

— Lastly, the equipment — a pair of 95mm All-mountain skis made in collaboration with Åre Skidfabrik. Handmade from beech and poplar with a titans core which contributes to a superior edge grip. They come with a tapered tip and tail and race rubber damping membranes to minimize vibrations. There’s also a pair of lightweight all-mountain telescopic ski poles with a titanium and aluminium construction and touring foam grip for easy switches between the slope and the backcountry.