HUD SPACE wants to disrupt the ”uptight and elitist” Stockholm art scene
The art space will host many young and prosperous artists.
22 Sep 2020

Newly launched artistic network and creative space HUD lets artists from various disciplines in Scandinavia meet and exchange experiences and ideas. But this is not just another elitist white-washed art space where the already established creatives get to gain further ground. The idea behind HUD is to disrupt this very phenomenon, according to the founders of the initiative Siri von Bothmer and Jonas Eriksson.

— We wanted to create an open-minded and honest space. We have both worked in the creative industry for several years, where events and exhibitions often balance between a superficial ideal and elitist contexts.
HUD is a space where creatives can be part of a network without any restrictions. The word ‘hud’ means ‘skin’ in Swedish, which was something that came to mind when talking about what lies closest to one’s own
truth. Skin is politicised and that’s why we wanted to create something inclusive carrying that name, says Siri and Jonas in a joint statement.

The art space opens its doors on 26 September in Stockholm, read more here. HUD currently represent Paul Edwards, Kassandra Widmark, Fördärvet, Notion of Form, Sandra Thorsson, Siri von Bothmer, Jonas Eriksson. See some of the art below.