How the recent lifestyle changes affect the skin — and what to do about it
The skincare expert’s dos and don’ts for the colder months to come.
20 Nov 2020

Who would expect ”maskne” to become one of the buzzwords of 2020? Yet, here we are.

— Due to the major changes that have taken place in our lifestyle in connection with COVID-19, research has shown that our skin has also been highly affected, Sarah Lidback explains.

Working as Business Unit Manager and Product Developer at one of Scandinavia’s leading skin clinics Akademiklinken’s in-house label Akademikliniken Skin Care, she’s identified an increase in sensitization, dehydration, and reactivity.

— Those are strong signs that the biology of the skin has been affected. Words like ”maskne” have suddenly become a concept. We have also seen major changes in our health habits. The social restriction can easily lead to isolation and depression. There is also a general weight gain, which probably has to do with people comfort eating or stress eating, at home, all by themselves. The American Academy of Dermatology also reports an increasing trend of acne in adults, especially amongst women. There is also an increase in eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

When your skin is full of breakouts and reactions it’s easy to focus on strong actives and peels to get rid of the problems as quickly as possible. A bad idea, according to Sarah Lidback.

— All data indicates that your skin will improve much better with a soothing, repairing, and balancing treatment, with focus on long-term results. In order to give the skin a better chance to recover and get in balance, be patient. It often takes time to balance a reactive skin.

How has the pandemic affected you and the industry?

— The pandemic has meant great challenges, for all of us in the industry, especially for those with physical stores and platforms. For example, we had to close down all our clinics and hospitals in Norway and Denmark during the spring. Thanks to great internal management and cooperation we, fortunately, managed to get through this. We are now releasing two updated favorites, Pure Hyaluronic Gel and Pure Lift Serum. Both with a focus on reducing the number of ingredients and thereby give more space to beneficial and highly active ingredients.

”Nourish your barrier — it will keep your skin safe and in its best function.”

And what do you see for the near future, when we’ve passed this special situation?

— As global research points out that reactions and sensitivity due to over-exfoliation also are increasing, I would say that the future within skincare is all about protecting the skin, strengthening its microbiome, and restoring its original functions as well as possible. My best recommendation is therefore to avoid using too harsh home treatments with strong hydroxy acids (+15%) and be careful with using mechanical peels too often, not more than twice a week. Nourish your barrier — it will keep your skin safe and in its best function.