Innovations For Better Living
How charging members a small monthly fee challenges the linear retail industry
Singular Society’s concept is fundamentally different and at the same time pretty straightforward, says Erik Zetterberg, creative director and co-founder.
29 Sep 2021

Instead of the traditional model, to make money from short-term product sales, Zetterberg explains how the members-based startup charges their members a small monthly fee.

— We then offer everything in the assortment as a service, at the price of what it costs to make. Responsibly made life essentials in the highest possible quality, by some of the world’s best manufacturers, he says. 

You call this ”the next generation of retail”. But how do you contribute to better living?

— As mentioned, our model enables us to offer our members high-quality products that are responsibly made and will hopefully last for a lot longer. As we only sell to our members as a service, it allows us to not over-produce, and we hope that it can over time lead to less over-production as well, as our goal is to help our members buy less, but better. 

What else do you have coming? 

— To name a few highlights for fall, we’re expanding our cashmere range and adding more clothing and outerwear. We’re also introducing stainless steel cutlery and amazing kitchen knives, as well as our perhaps biggest and most ambitious category launch yet: a full collection of state-of-the-art skiwear and accessories, including skis made in collaboration with Åre Skidfabrik in Sweden.

This is #19 on our list with 25 Innovations for better living from Scandinavian MIND Issue 2

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