How new technologies can help fashion retail
This is season 5, episode 7 of our weekly podcast show on how technology is transforming the creative industries.
24 Feb 2023

Today we are revisiting our Retail Tech Talks, a live programme hosted at CIFF, the Copenhagen International Fashion Fairs, a few weeks ago. We are going to listen to two panel talks, featuring a group of leading fashion, retail, and tech experts. These talks cover a range of topics, including:

How new technologies can help fashion retail

The need for data in the supply chain and beyond

The issue of traceability and transparency

The need to inspire the staff on the shop floor

First, we will hear from our partner Impulso’s CEO Viktoria Lindqvist, who will give a brief introduction to our SaaS that aims to create a new circular ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Then we dive into the first panel talk called How new technologies can help solve fashion retail with Jens Hamborg, CEO and founder, VOCAST and Rasmus Stærk Just, Corporate Manager of Environment and Social Compliance, DK Company.

The second panel talk, How to bridge the divide between brands and retailers, features Vanessa Leporati, Chairwoman, Trade Partners Sweden/Stockholm Fashion District and Thomas Kosstad, Founder, Teko Trading.