How Bang & Olufsen’s new headphones change the gaming experience as we know it
The Beoplay Portal comes with a well-needed sophisticated design for the stylish gamer (and non-gamer).
12 Apr 2021

The mainstream and customary gaming headphones usually come with a recurring design approach — inelegant black plastic bodies with elements of bright neon colours. The types of headphones you hide away in a drawer when you have guests over. But much thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s latest drop, you can go for a sophisticated and minimalistic design choice without having to cut back on your gaming experience.

The Beoplay Portal is the Danish audio maker’s first-ever wireless gaming headphone. The headphones are highly versatile but were specifically designed for gaming with their low-latency surround sound, smart microphone, Adaptive Active Noise cancellation and interface. For instance, the Gaming Mode optimizes the microphone for gaming situations and learns the difference between game/chat sounds, for a well-balanced gaming experience.

— Our designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to create a pair of headphones that meets the advanced technological needs of the gaming community while also excelling during daily use, says Dorte Vestergaard, Director and Head of Bang & Olufsen’s On-The-Go category.

One of those challenges was trying to get rid of the awkward microphone boom arm that we’ve come to know in gaming headphones, that when folded out makes you feel like a pilot. Bang & Olufsen has developed a virtual boom arm, using a Directional Beamforming technology that helps to isolate and amplify the user’s voice while eliminating background noise thanks to an array of microphones. Coming up with strategic attack plans to eliminate enemy forces has never been done in such style.