H&M drops capsule collection based on their brand new circular design tool Circulator
The tool includes a downloadable guide, to spread their knowledge to the industry. ”Cooperation is the only way forward”, Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group, states.
9 Dec 2021

H&M’s goal is to design 100 % circular and that all products will be designed using the Circulator design tool by 2025. The tool has been created with the help of both internal and external experts, including the [non-profit H&M Foundation innovation challenge] Global Change Award winner Circulator considers all stages of the garment creation process, from expected lifetime to materials and design strategies, and consists of two parts; a downloadable guide, free to use for the rest of the industry, and a digital scoring tool. The latter will be launched in the coming years after feedback has been collected from users.

— We need to change how we design and produce our products to meet our ambitious circular and climate goals. We also recognize the need to accelerate the transformation of the industry, and the Circulator tool will support both. Cooperation is the only way forward and we want to show leadership in the transition to circular fashion, says Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group, in a comment.

Today, H&M launches Innovation Circular Design Story — the latest of their Innovation Stories, the new sustainability initiative that focuses on forward-thinking design and innovative materials — a capsule focusing on sustainability and joy. It’s made with a wide variety of cutting-edge recycled and recyclable materials as well as with the help of the Circulator design tool and is created by H&M’s design team, together with stylist Ib Kamara, who contributed as creative advisor and styled the campaign.

— Fashion has the power to transform, to enliven, to empower. This collection is a tribute to this, and to the special excitement that comes when you’re getting ready to go out, just before the party, styling yourself, ready to head into the night with friends, full of joy and enthusiasm, Ella Soccorsi, concept designer at H&M, comments.

Innovation Circular Design Story