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Here’s how Vanessa Hong and Birgitte Herskind create fashion without pollution
The Danish collaboration is making more steps of fashion production sustainable.
3 Feb 2021

Water is a major resource within garment production since it is used in the dyeing and finishing process for nearly all of our clothes. Eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals during production enables recycling wastewater for other purposes. 

In an incredibly resource-intensive industry, brands need to take responsibility for working against environmental and human damage. By utilizing waste products as dye this Scandinavian fashion collaboration is making more steps of fashion production sustainable.

The danish womenswear brand Birgitte Herskind is releasing a collection in collaboration with Vanessa Hong — produced with all natural dyes, the water can be reused as fertilizer by local farmers.

Made in North Portugal, the earthy pallette of the Value Collection is created with the use of eucalyptus plants and coffee grains from local coffee shops, giving waste a new life. 

The problems with the fashion industry are many, but with labor issues and plastic pollution at the forefront of our minds, processes such as dyeing are often overlooked. 

— A careful and intelligent slowdown is the only safe and effective way forward, says Vanessa Hang, and we couldn’t agree more. Responsible fashion production can be practised in many ways — a collection eliminating hazardous chemicals is definitely one of them.

Keep your eye out for Vanessa Hong X Birgitte Herskind’s the Value Collection dropping in May of 2021.