Henbane seeds inspires Martin Bergström’s futuristic jewelry for Skultuna
”I wanted to take Skultuna’s 400 years heritage and work with the core of it,” says the Swedish Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist and designer.
11 Dec 2020

Moving freely across fashion, design, and art in a bold style, Bergström works with such diverse projects as prints for Parisian couture houses, costume design for pop superstars, outfits for contemporary dance performances and ballets at the opera, set design for luxury department stores, and recurring collaborations with global design brands.

In the research for his new Opaque Objects project for iconic Swedish brass brand Skultuna — founded in 1607 and one of the oldest running companies in the world — he found out that a big meteorite hit the ground quite close to the foundry in 1876.

— It all started with the material, brass, he tells. I wanted to take Skultuna’s 400 years heritage and work with the core of it. The craft, the history, and the place itself, Skultuna Bruk. I love the ancient mystery around their mill. Through my research and archive materials, I found out about the meteorite, known as The Ställdalen meteorite. And, almost as a sign, I found a henbane growing at the back of the Skultuna main building on a small road. It’s my favourite flower and the mix of the henbane and its seeds and the meteroite gave birth to the collection.

Opaque Objects consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and rings for men and women, with a Home Collection to be released in spring 2021.