Guide / Åre
”Åre has a bohemian mentality paired with an extreme amount of ambition and innovation”
On big thoughts in a small town.
9 Apr 2021

Bri Stundon is a Canadian chef, project manager, and event planner that moved to the Swedish ski town of Åre 13 years ago. Eight years ago she co-founded Åre Gastronomy Week, an event that has helped Åre to be a culinary hotspot in Sweden. This year’s edition starts on Monday, 12 April.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Åre:

The saying “It takes a village…” just personifies Åre for me.
I also really enjoy the everyday bohemian mentality paired with the extreme amount of ambition and innovation here. Åre’s a bit of an anomaly that way.

My favourite weekend routine:

Waking up to an insane view the moment I open my eyes. From the foot of my bed, straight over the lake and up the mountains behind it. Everything after that is a bonus, I’m not one for routine.

My favourite place for dining out:

I’d have to say Restaurang Trägårn that just opened in Duved. Their menu is short but well put together. The entire menu is composed of local, seasonal and thoughtful ingredients. Well done to co-owners Victor and Marion!

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

Anywhere outdoors. Literally, anywhere.

My favourite breakfast place:

My kitchen table with friends and family. I’m a feeder and I really love those I love.

Restaurang Trägårn.

My favourite city escape:

Victoria to Tofino, British Columbia. It’s where I’m from, there’s no better escape. Also Prague, Czech Republic, because of its historically and architecturally beautiful inner city, and beer and sausages!

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

I have several, but I’d say Lena Flaten at Flammans Skafferi. She’s a Chef, a forager, and a relationship nurturer who lives by inclusion and a no-waste policy. Grow it, catch it, cook it and share it.

And also Outdoor buddies, They’re known as the future’s outdoor closet. They rent out clothing and equipment for outdoor adventurers.
It’s a brilliant idea that’s economically clever and environmentally caring.

My favourite route for a walk:

Just choose any trail or mountain, the nature here is ridiculous. It’s impossible not to smile the moment you step outside.

My favourite space for great design:

I thought really hard on this one and at the risk of sounding vague,
I’d really have to say any space that wakens an un-tapped memory or tickles 1 of my 5 senses. Those all really seem to stimulate my creative side when I’m about to design something whether it be a new menu or a painting.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Åre:
Wide Ideas – It’s a digital idea management workspace built to inspire innovation and development for Microsoft Teams. Imagine you have 500 employees filled with ideas and solutions and every one of them has the ability to label, categorise and explain their case in their own words. That’s a lot of potential company growth, imagine what we could accomplish globally with this.

Photography: SkiStar

My favourite local media:

Stories_whereicomefrom on Instagram! It’s an account that is administrated every week by a different person in Jämtland and Härjedalen. It’s used to tell stories through words, photos and film of everyday life here and the incredible people who inhabit it.

My favourite thing at home:

My bathtub for sure. I have a black belt in bathing.