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”Umeå has the best deli in Scandinavia”
On obvious choices and hidden gems when eating in the ”capital of the North”
15 Jul 2022

Emil Åreng is the owner and founder of Facit, a restaurant and cocktail bar in central Umeå which focuses on local produce — every drink and cocktail available in the bar is made from Swedish-grown and produced ingredients, for example. Below you can read his perfect guide to eating, and drinking, your way through ”the capital of the North”.

A great restaurant with a warm outdoor space. The shrimp sandwich is perhaps one of Sweden’s best! I’ve been to many local restaurants all over Sweden because some local has told me that they have the best shrimp sandwich, but nothing compares. Now, I’m not a local hero so my tip is legit.

Gotthards Vid Älven
Every summer, Gotthard’s tavern relocates to the Umeälven river and cooks phenomenal food at an affordable price, be here in time because there is not too much space at all, which is something positive!

Here, however, there is significantly more space than at Gotthards, go here to see everything from local heroes to all the cover bands in the north of Sweden.

Crowded with people all summer, but damn near always has a party vibe.

This Harrys (a Swedish restaurant chain, Ed’s note) is much more friendly and cosy, unlike anything you get at southern dittos.

Rökstugan BBQ
Texas in Umeå! BBQ when at its best. If you’re like and not 100% sure about smoking brisket at home you should come here, you will not regret it.

Brobergs Coffee Shop
A classic good old coffee shop, where you buy a good breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee on the go. The service is always top-notch.

Kafé Ramen
The best ramen in town, be it the only one, but it still holds up if you compare it with Ramen places in Stockholm and Göteborg.

Guilty Pleasure Cafe
A restaurant with a great pulse and innovative cocktails. If you can’t find a single person to hang out with swing by — there are always loads of people here having brunch, having cocktails or eating dill chips.

Costas rosteri
This place has a ”flat white freddo espresso nitro brew deluxe edition” on its menu, I still don’t know what it is, but it’s the best coffee you will ever drink!

Hunger och Törst
Great service, the best location in town, and food that makes blow you off your feet are three key ways to describe this place, I guess.

DUÅ Delikatesser
Per, Lars, Perka, and Joel, who run the place, are four guys that live for great food. Go here to buy tonight’s dinner or to get help with your bad barbecuing skills. Scandinavia’s best deli is in Umeå.

DUÅ. Photography: Anton Olin / Visit Sweden.

One of the most obvious stops in Umeå during the summer, especially on their club Tuesdays, that attracts people from all over Sweden. Rowdy is Rex’s first name, fun its last name.

Båten båten
Has become a local classic, Tiki and Mexican in some kind of Umeå hybrid. It works!